Wednesday, September 2, 2009

this is why i'm angry

last friday, i got a call to go pick up the girl sometime after 10pm. i wasn't a happy camper! i'd been having pain in my rib and my stomach had been sooo upset all day because of the horrible anti-inflammatory meds. so my plan was to to go home, clean up a bit, take a sleeping pill and go to bed. instead i had to drive across town to pick up the girl from her stepmother.
apparently, bh met someone new and decided that he was going to be with her. so he packed his stuff and left. he left. i get the whole unhappily married thing. i get splitting up with your spouse. what i don't get is that bh left, and he left my daughter there. he left my sweet baby girl (who is only 3 yrs old) there with her stepmother. he didn't call me and say 'hey, i need you to meet me so i can hand her off to you'. no, he just left her there! anybody else way pissed?? cause i sure am!! my sweet girl deserves better than that! she deserves to have a dad that can get his s* together long enough to be her dad!

i have been so angry, that only now have i finally been able to even write any of this down...

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