Tuesday, September 8, 2009

remember when...

remember when guys wanted to date you, because they thought you were a cool chick to chill with?? when relationships were fun and innocent... no pressure. anybody? well, i do and i want that. i realize that i'm not in my early 20's anymore, but that doesn't mean that every man i flirt with wants to sleep with me.... does it? more on that later, i guess.

in other news: i've had kind of a hazy weekend. it was a 3 day weekend, but went by way too fast. friday was pretty uneventful, but saturday was crazy fun. i went to go see fr's band play for a few min before having to go into work at the club. ugh. i was sooo nervous for some reason, i was actually shaking. i had a shot of jeager when i got there, just to calm my nerves. i left there and had a great night at work.
something made me decided to go back when i was done. i'm glad i did. fr ended up coming over after they'd gotten everything packed up. it was nice... we just sat and talked. we were able to talk about all sorts of things. i'm glad that fr feels like he can talk to me. he told me about quiting drinking and all the emotional stuff that he's been going through. i really wish that there was something more that i could do to help him other than being just a sympathetic ear. all in all it was a good talk though.

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Melissa said...

You're a good friend just to listen. Sometimes a guy really needs that and it's great that he can do that with you.

"but that doesn't mean that every man i flirt with wants to sleep with me.... does it?"

Unfortunately, 90% of the time? Yeah, it does. It ain't always easy or safe out there... I love how you love and trust and want to be happy, but that's why I also worry aboutcha. ;)