Monday, September 14, 2009

how many times can i break til i shatter?

sometimes it's not enough for some people to hurt you in a relationship, so they feel the need to pop up unexpectedly and break your heart just a little bit more...
this is how i felt on friday afternoon. sad isn't it? i didn't think that ts sending me some snarky text messages would hurt me quite as much as they did.

in other news: because of the days earlier events, i really threw myself into my girl's night out. i had so much fun. i ended up hanging out with a different group of girls than i first planned, but that didn't change anything. we went to go see fr's band. i got a bunch of great pics of the band. i was so proud for them. they really put on a great show!
it def turned into an awesome night. fr came over again after the show. he is an amazing person. i can't say that enough. he's still having a really hard time, but at the same time seems to be dealing better with it. the more i get to know him, the more i hate to see him in so much pain. i'm doing my best to be a good friend and give him the ear or hug that he needs.

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Melissa said...

I finally realized why you call him fr. I was amused. :P Keep being a good friend! So many women think they are, but they aren't. That makes you special.

As for ts, well... I know what it feels like to feel torn up all over again after you try to move on and close the wound. But you really do have to let the hurt stay on his side of the fence. Hopefully it won't happen again. Very hopefully.

Lots of love, honey bunch. ;)