Wednesday, September 16, 2009

broken hearts

why do some people insist on hurting others? we all know it's wrong to hurt someone physically, but mentally, emotionally? in some cases it's harder to get over the emotional hurt than it is the physical. there are so many of us walking around with broken hearts... i wouldn't say that mine is broken at this point, but it's been pretty mangled...
some of it is my own fault, i know this. i care about people and let them suck me into their lives and emotions. i trust them to not want to hurt me or upset me. i trust, i love, i care... i've been told that those are all good qualities. sometimes i think that i care too much. i think they call it wearing my heart on my sleeve. sadly some people recognize this and actually choose to use it against me.

i am not unique in this.

one of my best friends called me yesterday, bawling her eyes out. she was so sad and i felt sad for her. i wanted to help her and maybe i did, by just listening. she was upset over another failed relationship. she seemed to be at the end of her rope with it all.
we've all been there. that point that we get to where we feel like this is all we can do. where we feel like the universe is against us. where we feel like even though the situation isn't good for us, we didn't really want it to end. sometimes that kind of sadness can be overwhelming.

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